Heavy Canvas Bags

Style Without Compromising Durability

For an on-the-go lifestyle, too often you are asked to sacrifice elegance for practicality. Our Heavy Canvas Bags challenge the idea that for something to be practical, it cannot be graceful. Handcrafted in the USA, our Heavy Canvas bags are every bit as tasteful as they are sturdy, offering simple but refined design, robust canvas materials, and elegant, high-quality leather straps.

Our Heavy Canvas Bags come in several variations, including:

  • Heavy Canvas Relaxed Tote
  • Heavy Canvas Carry-All Bag
  • Heavy Canvas Market Bag

All of which are crafted to our high expectations to ensure quality in both form and function.

The Heavy Canvas Relaxed Tote is ideal for days out and about. The largest of our Heavy Canvas Bags, the Relaxed Tote can used to carry everything you need for a soothing day out.

Our Heavy Canvas Carry-All Bag is perfect for everyday use. As our mid-size Heavy Canvas Bag, they can be used for any number of purposes while still retaining the sleek style you expect.

The Heavy Canvas Market Bag flawlessly exemplifies both style and substance. Though it is the smallest Heavy Canvas Bag, the Market Bag has more than enough space for your belongings, as well as a slender shape that fits in any setting.

Our Heavy Canvas Bags perfectly showcase our dedication to precision and our attention to detail. Their durable canvas material makes them suitable to almost any task, and their clean design makes them perfect for almost any setting. Each variation of our Heavy Canvas Bag is incredibly spacious. Every single bag is handcrafted in New York City then hand-dyed by our artisans. By combining precise attention to craft and detail with intricate tactile textures, GREI creations bring vitality to a neutral palette, and our Heavy Canvas Bags are no exception.