Unionmade Men


Our unionmade clothing for men allows workers to advocate for:

  • Fair wages
  • Safe working conditions
  • Sufficient time off
  • Fair healthcare

Our unionmade men’s clothing is manufactured in factories in the United States that allow workers’ unions. This allows the workers to band together to get fair wages, working conditions, time off, and more. These organized groups to help workers have stable healthy lives and safe working conditions, so we are all for it. Employees that are in workers’ unions make about 20 percent more than those who are not. When you buy Unionmade men’s clothing from GREI you can feel good about where the product came from and how the workers are treated.

Workers’ unions often advocate for:

  • paid leave
  • health insurance
  • pension plans
  • retirement benefits
  • vacation time
  • safety and health
  • fair wages