Made in USA – Men


Men’s Clothing Made in the USA:

    • Supports domestic job creation
    • Benefits the United States economy
    • Reduces enviornmental harm
    • Supports social responsibility

Why are GREIs Men’s clothing Made in the USA?

Making men’s clothing in the United States costs more than outsourcing. So why does GREI choose to make their products domestically? First, making their products in the U.S. creates jobs and raises employment rates. Simply by making their product in America, GREI creates jobs for American citizens. When manufacturing the United States, every dollar that is generated returns almost 150% back to the economy.

GREI exemplifies Corporate Social Responsibility by sourcing in the U.S. Corporate Social Responsibility is when a company takes initiatives to take responsibility for their environmental and social practices. We work closely with our factories and ensure there are no human rights violations throughout the entire development and manufacturing process. Because we produce our product in the United States, our manufacturers are held to stringent pollution guidelines. Many other countries that clothes are produced in allow factories to have massive amounts of pollution with no consequences.  Knowing our products have been sourced responsibly, you can feel good about purchasing from GREI.

In addition to the benefits to the economy, environment, and human rights; GREI is passionate about being involved each step of the way when manufacturing their products. This allows us to ensure each product is perfected and executed to our high standards. We manufacture our products in California, New York, and Texas.